Teaching Philosophy

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe as a teacher it is my job to inspire critical thinking and life long learning.

I believe in teaching to the whole child with a range of instructional strategies.

I believe that ALL students CAN and WILL succeed if given the appropriate opportunities.

I believe that as a teacher it is my job to help students reach their full potential, no matter what their abilities. I must provide them with the appropriate opportunities, resources, and support!

I believe in celebrating all successes, big and small!

I believe in inclusive education for all, and that teachers must provide adaptive, and differentiated instruction to reach all their learners.

I believe in inquiry based learning where the teacher acts as a facilitator of knowledge and students take ownership of their learning.

I believe that the classroom needs to be a safe and welcoming space in order for students to learn.

I believe in putting learners first and curriculum second.

I believe in being pro-active rather than reactive and using positive reinforcement.

I believe in collaboration with students, teachers, parents and community.

I believe in incorporating technology into the classroom to allow students to connect, explore and learn from others online, as well as to meet the needs of a generation of digital learners.

I believe in developing a love of literacy early in a child’s life.

I believe in continual professional development and growth as a teacher through my PLN and other resources.


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