Teaching Philosophy

I believe that ALL students CAN and WILL succeed if given the appropriate opportunities.

I believe that as a teacher it is our job to help students reach their potential, no matter what their abilities. We must provide them with the appropriate opportunities, resources, and support! I believe in inclusive education for all, and that teachers must provide adaptive, and differentiated instruction to reach all their learners!

I believe that the classroom needs to be a safe and welcoming space in order for students to learn. In order to achieve this classroom atmosphere, you must also create a community with your students. Different ways of doing this, include letting your students voices be heard, having them help create the classroom rules, having circle time where students get to share ideas with the class, etc.

I believe that in order to have good classroom management you need to have your students engaged, involved in rule making, and you must develop relationships based on trust and respect.

I believe in developing a love of literacy in children.

I believe in incorporating technology into the classroom to engage students and connect them to the world around them.

I believe in inspiring students to become life long learners by relating curriculum to their interests and lives, using inquiry based approaches.

I believe in using hands on learning and making learning fun.

In conclusion I believe that students must feel loved, accepted and safe in order to learn, and as a teacher it is my job to create this environment.


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