Don’t Blink

Well University is done, I am moved back home and I am off to start teaching Kindergarten in less than two weeks.

I can’t believe how much everything has changed, and how fast it has all happened!

I recently met 1 of the 2 kindergarten classes I will be teaching and talked with the classroom teacher whose room I will be taking over during her maternity leave. 

I am somewhat overwhelmed with all of the information, and advice I had to take in that day! I was not sure what to expect accepting a position that starts in May, however many people had mentioned how I would be just given the plans and it will be all more or less done for me. 

However, I am to choose my own themes and plan my own lessons and with this position starting in two weeks am going into panic mode, and spending countless hours on Pinterest looking for ideas!

I will be sure to keep my blog updated with photographs and posts about my experience!

If you have any resources/blogs to follow/people to add to my pln that may support me in this adventure please share!

Thanks! 🙂 



Final Summary of Learning

Thanks everyone for a great semester! I have learnt so much from each and everyone of you!

Feel free to watch my final summary of learning below!



Interview With Zoe

Hey everybody! I know its a little late but here is the link to my interview with my mentor Zoe Bettes.

She has taught me many valuable things and inspired me greatly to use technology in the classroom.




1 More Week!

Hey all!

I know I haven’t been great at keeping up with blogging the past week, but I have had a crazy week!

I’m sure everyone is getting excited, because most of us 4th years have one more week until we are DONE!

However, I wish this last week wasn’t going to be as jam packed as it is and I’d have a little bit of time to enjoy it!

With the final projects in this class, as well as final presentations, projects, and papers, I swear everything is due on the last day of classes! Ahhhh!

However, to lighten my stress a little bit, I can happily say that I have accepted a Kindergarten Position in Kipling starting May 7th and running until the current teacher comes back from maternity leave!

I am so excited to finally be doing what I have worked the last four years to achieve! I can’t believe its real! 

I am incredibly nervous, as I’ve never taught Kindergarten before and am more geared towards grade 4, so if anybody has any resources or advice I would greatly appreciate it! 🙂

Also, I will finally completing my interview with my mentor tomorrow, so keep your eyes open for that! 🙂



Diary of a.. Pre-service Teacher

Today I taught my first lesson over Skype!
I taught a reading lesson about “point of view.” The students had some prior knowledge of what this means so the lesson went pretty smoothly.

However I ran into a few challenges with technology! The video began freeZing and the sound cutting out! As well, I struggled to hear the students answers unless they came right up to the computer. All in all, it was a fun experience and I think the students all learnt something!

For an assessment the students are going to write their own “diary of a…” Story from the point of view of any animal they’d like, and post this on their individual blogs for me to read!
I’m so excited to read what they have to write and see if they learned what I had aimed at teaching them! 🙂

T-22 days

Hey everyone!

I apologize for being MIA the last little while.

Reading Dean’s post I realized how badly I need to get better at keeping up with blogging!

Blogging is something I would like to use for communication with parents, professional development, and as a way to enhance my students learning. It just seems that right now, with so much going on I am having a really hard time keeping up with it!

I, like the majority of 4th year students have been busy with job applications, interviews, and other stresses that life has thrown in the mix. I am once again fighting a nasty cold and feeling like this semester has knocked me down.

There is 22 days left until classes are officially over. Can you believe it? Hello real world! 

My goal is in these last few weeks to post as much as possible and connect with others as often as possible.

I hope to keep my blog active, and keep expanding my PLN as I go out into the teaching field.

This Friday I get the chance to teach a reading lesson over Skype for my mentorship. I am teaching about point of view. I was planning on using the Diary of a…   books to teach this lesson. Does anybody else have other suggestions of books for this topic?


Response to “Avoiding the Burn” by Rebecca

This past week I have spent hours reading other classmates and other professional’s blogs and have been inspired with many things to write about! When asked by Dean to respond to a blog post we liked or that resinated with us I had a hard time picking just one!

The post I chose to respond to was one written by Rebecca, entitled Avoid the Burn. Rebecca talks about the dreaded “burnout” that many teachers experience. She goes on to share the ways in which she plans to avoid that burning out feeling in her future career. Some things she mention include: taking time for the things she loves, taking days off, and asking for help. 

I think all three of these points are fantastic ideas of how to avoid that burning out feeling. As a teacher I think that the majority of us are passionate, driven and concerned about doing the very best that we can do for our students. This often causes us to spend a large majority or all of our time working on things for school, or worrying about it! In my internship I definitely experienced this, I felt that I was always doing school work, and if I wasn’t I felt that I should be! 

One way to avoid this is to take one hour a day, and/or one day each weekend to yourself, to do the things you love, and to not worry about school. Now to me in internship this seemed impossible! I always had something to do! I was finishing things up the night before I was going to do them. I had a hard time walking away when there was things to be done. I think that if you are planned and prepared ahead of time, you will be less stressed and be able to spend more time re-energizing. 

Family and friends are a huge part of my life, and through internship I hardly saw them at all. Weekends that I came home I spent working on lesson plans, pinning things on Pinterest, and marking assignments rather than enjoying the company of my family. It seemed like I couldn’t get ahead. I think it may be this ways sometimes for the first year or so, until we get more settled in but we need to be able to find a balance.  

I think the best advice my co-op teacher gave me in internship was to not let it become your life. Teaching to me is a passion, and a career choice. I love finding new resources, improving lesson plans, buying books and connecting with other educators. I find it way to easy to devote every waking moment to teaching for this reason. It is way to easy for it to become your whole life, and it is important to stay balanced. Your health, your family, your friends and the things you love, are very important and in order to be a well rounded teacher it is important that you give yourself that time to relax.

Furthermore, the third point was about asking for help. I think this is vital as first year teachers. We are often stubborn, and/or afraid to ask for help. We want to do it all on our own, and feel like we are successful and not requiring anyone’s help. I never wanted to admit that I needed help, because it made me feel as if I had failed, or didn’t know what I should know! However, our colleagues, administration and educators around the world are there to help support us. Chances are they have gone through what you are dealing with, and would gladly help. Seeking help does not make you weak, it helps you become better. Good educators always want to improve, and seeking help can be the best way to do this. YOU ARE NOT EXPECTED TO KNOW IT ALL, only to try your best! 

As we have learned in this class there is a vast amount of educators and other professionals around the world sharing their ideas, resources and advice. Seek out help and advice! You are helping yourself and your students by doing this!

Personally, as a teacher I plan to take time to exercise and stay healthy, spend time with my boyfriend and family, take an assigned amount of time per day or week to put the school stuff and thoughts away and relax. I plan to always seek help when I need it, lean on people for support, and continue to do things I love. I also plan to laugh. ALOT! I think the best way to enjoy your time in the classroom is to have a sense of humour. Things will go wrong, messes will happen, your lesson might blow up in your face, and you have to be able to laugh it off! 

What do you do to, as Rebecca says, “avoid the burn?” 
Share your ideas! 🙂

What to Share and What Not to Share

During ecmp355 this week our guest speaker George spoke to us about digital identity and how we should create a positive digital footprint, so we can be searched and found online, and possibly even be hired based on positive things we have shared! Although the focus was on sharing positive things online, one part that stuck out to me was when he discussed about being careful about what you share in an email or what you post online.

In my EHE class we had been speaking about dealing with parents and my professor Greg had said don’t write anything you wouldn’t say out loud” As teachers we are always under the public eye, and often text in email or online can be taken wrong. He told us that if a parent sends an email regarding something serious to make plans to discuss on the phone or in person, because email can cause problems. In addition, he spoke to us about how in some situations a parent can request to see every written document about their child, including emails shared on school computers. So word to the wise, do not complain about your rotten day or how a certain child acted over email!

Also, sorry for the lack of links, categories, etc. I’m posting this from my phone today and haven’t quite figured out all the features of the wordpress app. However if you have a smartphone I highly suggest downloading it, as well as google+ and feedly! Having everything on my phone has helped me keep up with this class much easier!

Well that’s what is on my mind this Sunday afternoon.. Feel free to add comments! 🙂 I hope everyone’s weekend is going well!

Digital Footprint

Today I finally  got around to watching the February 4th session of ECMP355 and have definitely learnt a lot! All through university, we have more or less being warned not to have anything inappropriate online because our employers may Google us! However, George Couros provided us with a new outlook on this. Rather than making sure you have nothing online, you should fill the internet with good things! We should be creating a positive digital footprint that we would want our future employers to see! This may include lesson plans, collaborating with other educators, etc. 
To start this process of creating a positive digital  footprint the first thing I did was Googled myself to see what a future employer may find. Image

When searching just my name (Chelsea Lyons) nothing that comes up is relevant to me! When I enter my name + Saskatchewan the only thing that comes up is my Google+ page. This shows me that my future employers definitely won’t find anything negative, however, they won’t find anything great as well! 

My number 1 step in starting to create a positive digital footprint is to create an profile. Here is the link to it if you would like to check it out!


I’m back! :)

Excuses, excuses, excuses

Hey everyone! It seems I have been neglecting my blog in the past few weeks, but I assure you I’m still here! The last two weeks have been a blur of doctors appointments, the flu, throat/ear infections, and lots and lots of sleep all while trying to apply for jobs and keep up with assignments! Eek! It has been busy. Now that I’m feeling somewhat better I hope to keep up with my blog much more regularly!

What’s new?

While I have been MIA I have been watching our ECMP 355 sessions and have been learning a lot. We have learnt about all things Google from Michael Wacker, how to blog like a boss with the help of Sue Waters, and how important it is to create a PLN and how to get started from Shelley Terrell. They were all very insightful about the use of technology in the classroom and inspired me and  gave me many ideas and tips to begin my journey incorporating technology into the classroom.

Now what?

So throughout my next few blog posts I hope to share with you some of the knowledge that I have learnt. Check back soon!