Fidgets In My Opinion

In my epsy217 class we are focussing a lot on sensory regulation and learning the benefit of Fidgets. Every week we get to pick from the bag, one fidget to play with for the 3 hours class. I have always been someone who struggles with sitting still for long periods of time. I often find myself bouncing my leg, biting my nails, chewing on a pen, “fidgeting” in some sort or form. There are many different types of fidgets available.

From pull apart bracelets to squishy stress balls there are lots to choose from. What worked best for me were things that were malleable that I could use both hands to mild and move. These included the sticky tac, and glitter play dough. I also enjoyed the elastic band with square blocks on it that you could use to make different shapes. However, this fidget took up more of my attention than the malleable substances.

I see the many benefits of fidgets. “They help keep restless fingers busy, bodies relaxed, and minds focused.” Some students just cannot focus without something in their hands. I definitely plan on introducing fidgets into my classroom to students who need them.  However, I have many further questions, such as:  how to introduce them to a class, do you give them only to students you decide need them,  and how to know when a student is fidgeting and paying attention, or fidgeting because they are bored or off task.

If you are interested in the use of fidgets in the classroom, check out this website:

Throughout this class I hope to learn more about the use of fidgets. Now I ask you, what do you do to keep concentration when sitting in class, and what is your opinion on fidgets?

Comment below! 🙂