About me



Hello! I’m Chelsea Lyons and I grew up in Kipling, Saskatchewan.

I am currently in my last semester at the University of Regina. I will graduate in the spring with a bachelor of education (PreK-5) My teaching experience has been primarily in the grades 1-4, however, I have experience working with children of all ages.

I love introducing new concepts to children, inspiring them to learn, and watching the “light bulb” come onside their heads. I have strong interests in educational technology, early literacy and treaty education.

Many events in my life have led me to the choice of being an elementary school teacher. When I was in the 2nd grade I had a teacher who inspired me to learn, made me feel valued, and most of all made me love school! Ever since, I have wanted to do the same. I want to give student’s the great opportunities that she gave me, and make them love learning the way I did.

I have worked for Kipling Parks and Rec. as a Summer Program Coordinator the past 4 summers. This job gave me the opportunity to plan daily educational activities for approximately 30-40 children aged 4-12. Through this experience I have learnt how to create positive relationships with children and parents, as well as how to reach a very wide range of learners at one time.

Teaching is my passion, as well as my career choice, and I hope to be in my own classroom, making a difference very soon. 🙂

I did my internship in Nedurof, Saskatchewan.I was in a grade 3/4 classroom, and learnt a lot about dealing with behaviours and adapting to all students needs. I was excited to incorporate the smart board into many of my lessons, as this was brand new to me. The kids knew more about how to work it than I did!

I am a strong believer that you need to relate to students in order to engage them and in this day and age, technology is a fascinating gateway to reach students through. I am excited to acquire the knowledge and tools to inspire students to learn. I love technology, and hope to use it often to spark learning in the classroom.



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