Don’t Blink

Well University is done, I am moved back home and I am off to start teaching Kindergarten in less than two weeks.

I can’t believe how much everything has changed, and how fast it has all happened!

I recently met 1 of the 2 kindergarten classes I will be teaching and talked with the classroom teacher whose room I will be taking over during her maternity leave. 

I am somewhat overwhelmed with all of the information, and advice I had to take in that day! I was not sure what to expect accepting a position that starts in May, however many people had mentioned how I would be just given the plans and it will be all more or less done for me. 

However, I am to choose my own themes and plan my own lessons and with this position starting in two weeks am going into panic mode, and spending countless hours on Pinterest looking for ideas!

I will be sure to keep my blog updated with photographs and posts about my experience!

If you have any resources/blogs to follow/people to add to my pln that may support me in this adventure please share!

Thanks! 🙂 



Final Summary of Learning

Thanks everyone for a great semester! I have learnt so much from each and everyone of you!

Feel free to watch my final summary of learning below!



Interview With Zoe

Hey everybody! I know its a little late but here is the link to my interview with my mentor Zoe Bettes.

She has taught me many valuable things and inspired me greatly to use technology in the classroom.




1 More Week!

Hey all!

I know I haven’t been great at keeping up with blogging the past week, but I have had a crazy week!

I’m sure everyone is getting excited, because most of us 4th years have one more week until we are DONE!

However, I wish this last week wasn’t going to be as jam packed as it is and I’d have a little bit of time to enjoy it!

With the final projects in this class, as well as final presentations, projects, and papers, I swear everything is due on the last day of classes! Ahhhh!

However, to lighten my stress a little bit, I can happily say that I have accepted a Kindergarten Position in Kipling starting May 7th and running until the current teacher comes back from maternity leave!

I am so excited to finally be doing what I have worked the last four years to achieve! I can’t believe its real! 

I am incredibly nervous, as I’ve never taught Kindergarten before and am more geared towards grade 4, so if anybody has any resources or advice I would greatly appreciate it! 🙂

Also, I will finally completing my interview with my mentor tomorrow, so keep your eyes open for that! 🙂