Oh the Possibilities

After hearing our visitors in ECMP 355 tell us about many awesome tools and apps I explored a few of them. Most of them I had never heard before and am now excited to spend time learning how to use, and finding uses for them in my future classroom.

The site that instantly caught my attention was Padlet. This site is essentially a blank piece of paper on the web, as quoted on their homepage. You can add text, videos, links, pictures, etc to this blank page. It is available from anywhere with internet access and you can change the privacy settings so that only you can see it, or so that others can add to it and it can be a collaborative project.

I read on one of my classmates blogs that they would use Padlet for a space to have all of their brain breaks avaliable and ready to use when they are needed. Another classmate suggested that they should have this page open so that other teachers can add their brain breaks! I think this is an awesome idea.

The one idea I had to use Padlet for was as a brainstorming activity, or as an exit slip/assessment activity.

Students could all post up what they have learnt/ what they know about a topic along with their name, and then it is all saved in one place. As well, if students do not finish they can save what they have and theres not the risk of them losing the paper they were writing on, as it is saved online. Here is a screenshot of a general idea of how I would use Padlet.Image

P.S Throughout this class I had been wondering which apps to use for screenshots and had never gotten around to downloading an app or something to do that for me. Today, in my research I learnt how to do a screen shot on a mac, without an app. Now, I might just be way behind the times and everybody might already know how to do this.. but I was amazed that I could do it almost as simply as I can on my Iphone. All this time I thought it was much more complicated. So Mac users if you don’t know how to take a screen shot..

Press command and shift, then the number 3. It will take a screenshot and save to your desktop.


4 thoughts on “Oh the Possibilities

  1. I like what you said about using padlet for brain breaks! That’s awesome! I never thought about having an interactive page for teachers to add links and then in the classroom it would be so neat to go there and have all your brain breaks organized and available in one place!! And I did know about the screen shot on the Mac – I had to google it a couple years ago but it’s so cool! I’m always using it!! Definitely as easy as taking a screen shot from your phone.

  2. I think Padlet would be very useful if you were to, for example, provide a general topic in class, or “Food for Thought”, then let the students post things they find relevant to the topic. Maybe it would be great for a collaborative research project! “Oh the possibilities” Indeed!

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