Mentorship in ECMP355

In my ECMP355 class, we the students, have been paired up with incredible knowledgable teachers from across the world who use technology in their classrooms in new and innovative ways. The teacher I got paired up with name is Zoe Bettes and she teaches grade 3 in Thompson, Manitoba.

We meet at last!

I had the opportunity to meet her and her sweet class via Skype last week and it was a blast! I got a window into each student and their personalities, learnt about their class and school, and had an opportunity to introduce myself and answer a few questions.

What now?

Through this mentorship, Zoe and I have a few activities planned for me to interact with the students through. I will be interacting with them via their class twitter, as well as on their individual blogs, on kidblog! In addition to this I am going to have the opportunity to read to the students over Skype and teach a mini lesson on a reading strategy.

Snowboarding Lesson?

When I mentioned one of my interests is snowboarding, the students and Zoe expressed interest in that, therefore, I am going to try and teach a lesson on snowboarding! I think I am going to use a GoPro camera and try and tape some things. However, I’m not very great at snowboarding it could be interesting! I am not entirely sure what I am going to teach, or how I am going to conduct this lesson.. but I am super stoked to do it!

If anybody has any advice, or ideas feel free to share them!

I am super excited for this part of the course because I get to interact with actual students and learn a lot from my mentor Zoe! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Mentorship in ECMP355

  1. Wow that sounds so exciting! I have just recently stumbled across GoPro cameras and seen them used in some amazing ways. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That lesson would be so much fun for kids, especially using a camera to take a video as you snowboard. I love the idea of using videos in the classroom and we are lucky to be teaching in a time where technology is well developed and there are tons of resources out there to be used, like youtube.

    • I agree videos are a fantastic way to capture students’ attention! The snowboarding trip never happened due to bad weather and circumstances.. I hope to still be able to do something like this in the future.

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