Wealth of New Knowledge

Something I have noticed in this last semester of university is how my classes are all somewhat related. Sam noted in one of her posts how the central theme of our classes happens to be how to meet all students’ needs. 

Sam also mentioned how the more she learns the more she begins to wonder. I am with her on this. These classes challenge us to think about things differently, and leave me wondering all of the time.

Photo Credit: Marco Bellucci via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Marco Bellucci via Compfight cc

Projects for a purpose

My projects this semester have been very relevant to me as a future teacher. Whether they are researching ways to teach all students’ reading in a diverse classroom, how to integrate autistic children into the inclusive classroom, how to help students’ at risk, etc! I am glad that with the experience of internship and real life experience in the classroom, these classes really make an impact on me. However, while sitting in EPSY217 learning about differentiated instruction, inquiry based projects, sensory regulation, fidgets and other knowledge that fits into the topic of Teaching as a Helping Profession, I can’t help but think “Why couldn’t I have learnt this in my second or third year?” I feel that if I had this knowledge earlier, I could have put it to play during internship! Through this class I have gained an opportunity to volunteer in a classroom that presently incorporates many of these strategies.

Photo Credit: Ken Whytock via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Ken Whytock via Compfight cc

In addition, I also am currently in a Educational Foundations class where we are learning about sexuality and many LGBTQI issues. The majority of the 4th year students in this class say that this information has not been addressed previously. WHY ARE WE JUST LEARNING THIS NOW?” Is a question that is running through many of our minds.

5 Education Classes + Applications +Final Semester = 

The more I learn the more I begin to question and want to learn more! Many of my colleagues question my choice to take ALL 5 of my remaining classes as education classes. However, at this point in my life I find that when I am interested and inspired I want to learn!-this is the same for our students! Although they can be much more work, I am glad I picked the classes I did, as they help me learn and discover ways of being a more effective teacher!

I am very grateful for all the eye opening information I am learning this semester, and cannot wait to put it to use in my own classroom.


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