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I’m not sure if anyone reading this shares my “obsession” as my boyfriend would call it, with children’s literature. After four years of working towards the goal of being an elementary school teacher, I have acquired quite the collection of children’s books- an over flowing rubbermaid tub is presently taking up space in my parents basement, as well as the ones I have in my place, hehe! Buying them makes me happy, and incorporating them into lessons is fun and engaging. Inspiring a love for literacy is something I hope to do, no matter what grade I end up with.

Sitting around the table last night my dad looked at me and said, “Do all teachers create a classroom library? I don’t think mine did.” So my question is to you elementary people, do you plan on creating a classroom library, or just having your students check out books at the school library? 



So now we know, I have a huge collection of books, and no shelves to display them yet, how do I keep it organized and know which books I have, what grade level there for?  And once I am teaching how do I know if books have been borrowed by my students, have gone missing, etc?

Well I wanted to share with you an app I just downloaded on the weekend. It is called Book Retriever, is fantastic and  only costs 99 cents! I don’t normally pay for apps, but the dollar you spend on this is totally worth it! Now, I downloaded it for iPhone from the app store, and as far as I know it is not available for android just yet. Wit this app, you can add the books you have by scanning the barcode and it compiles a classroom library list. You can create a class of students, check books out and back in, look at “hot” books, make an ISBN barcode for your books and print them off, as well as find out what grade level the book is categorized as. If you are developing a classroom library I highly recommend it!

If you chose to get it, let me know what you think!
Also feel free to answer my question! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Classroom Library App

  1. I’d be very interested to know how well this app works because it sounds wonderful. In fact, I think I’m going to download it just to check it out. I plan on having a classroom library; however, it depends on what level I’m teaching on whether I would allow students to take books home. The class library is a great idea for quiet reading time or what I’ve experienced “reading buddies”. “Reading buddies” is a program that was developed by a group of teachers at the elementary school that I work at where the grade 2 students read to the kindergarten students once/twice a week. The students pair up and read the book(s) they have to their kindergarten partner and then stand up and wait for another group to be done their book(s). Then they trade places and read those same books to the next kindergarten student. This gives them a chance to read the same book a few times and get over the barriers that they may have had, and the kindergarten students grow an appreciation for reading just like their older peers.

    • I really enjoy it! Of course I haven’t actually had the experience to use it in my own classroom, but so far it has helped me keep track of which books I have! I definitely think it is important to have books in your classroom, especially in the early grades, because you are trying to foster a love of reading! I love the idea of reading buddies. I have seen that done with grade 1’s and grade 6’s as well. It is a fantastic opportunity because it gives the students a chance to be proud of their reading ability, and learn from one another. The younger kids often look up to the older ones as well. It is a great experience that I would definitely use in my classroom if I had the chance. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  2. This sounds like a really neat app. I am middle years trained but I definitely think there is room for a classroom library in each and every grade. During my internship my co-op did not have a classroom library and I found that the students went to the school library every time there was silent reading as a way to get out of reading. Having a weekly library time in addition to a classroom library could help to alleviate some of this problem. Furthermore, there were many times when there were 5-10 extra minutes at the end of the class when students were finished their assignment that I allotted for silent reading. If students had to go and retrieve a book from the library they spent the whole time getting a book and no time reading. If kids were interested I think I would allow them to take the books home; after all, the goal is to get students reading and I as a teacher do not plan on being a hindrance on helping kids to achieve this goal. I think the app would work great for doing so and keeping track of where your books are.
    Thanks for sharing!

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