What to Share and What Not to Share

During ecmp355 this week our guest speaker George spoke to us about digital identity and how we should create a positive digital footprint, so we can be searched and found online, and possibly even be hired based on positive things we have shared! Although the focus was on sharing positive things online, one part that stuck out to me was when he discussed about being careful about what you share in an email or what you post online.

In my EHE class we had been speaking about dealing with parents and my professor Greg had said don’t write anything you wouldn’t say out loud” As teachers we are always under the public eye, and often text in email or online can be taken wrong. He told us that if a parent sends an email regarding something serious to make plans to discuss on the phone or in person, because email can cause problems. In addition, he spoke to us about how in some situations a parent can request to see every written document about their child, including emails shared on school computers. So word to the wise, do not complain about your rotten day or how a certain child acted over email!

Also, sorry for the lack of links, categories, etc. I’m posting this from my phone today and haven’t quite figured out all the features of the wordpress app. However if you have a smartphone I highly suggest downloading it, as well as google+ and feedly! Having everything on my phone has helped me keep up with this class much easier!

Well that’s what is on my mind this Sunday afternoon.. Feel free to add comments! 🙂 I hope everyone’s weekend is going well!


4 thoughts on “What to Share and What Not to Share

  1. This was an interesting post Chelsea. I think it is very importatnt that we are sharing what is a good, positive, and beneficial thing to share rather than sharing our emotions or things that are not appropriate for a parent or child to see. Is google plus and feedly apps that you downloaded onto your phone? I should get those.

    • I agree there are tons of positive things we can share, we just need to be careful that anything we wouldn’t want said in our classroom or to our students parents isn’t said online. Yup sorry that’s what I meant. I have wordpress, google+ and feedly all on my phone so I can read our classmates blogs whenever and wherever. It’s super convenient since I’m not on my computer that often!

  2. That’s a pretty reasonable rule. It takes some skill to use a space like this to discuss important and sometimes sensitive issues without identifying or getting too specific. At the same time, probably my best learning on my blog has come when I’ve posted about those kinds of things.

    • Great point Dean! The best learning often comes from pushing the boundaries a little or discussing topics people don’t often discuss! I understand that you may discuss things such as struggles at school without being too specific, and how this may benefit you greatly because 2 or 200 heads are better than 1 and often people have had the same concerns or questions as you! I am just concerned about privacy issues and more so saying we should not share anything via email or internet that we would not be comfortable showing in our classroom.

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