Digital Footprint

Today I finally  got around to watching the February 4th session of ECMP355 and have definitely learnt a lot! All through university, we have more or less being warned not to have anything inappropriate online because our employers may Google us! However, George Couros provided us with a new outlook on this. Rather than making sure you have nothing online, you should fill the internet with good things! We should be creating a positive digital footprint that we would want our future employers to see! This may include lesson plans, collaborating with other educators, etc. 
To start this process of creating a positive digital  footprint the first thing I did was Googled myself to see what a future employer may find. Image

When searching just my name (Chelsea Lyons) nothing that comes up is relevant to me! When I enter my name + Saskatchewan the only thing that comes up is my Google+ page. This shows me that my future employers definitely won’t find anything negative, however, they won’t find anything great as well! 

My number 1 step in starting to create a positive digital footprint is to create an profile. Here is the link to it if you would like to check it out!



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