Tech Task #2

Hey all!

It is the end of the second week of classes already! I am somewhat overwhelmed but very excited and inspired by our #ECMP355 sessions this far. As a part of our second tech task we were asked to make a Google form. I had no idea how to do this and was a little nervous, however it was really simple! This is something I had no idea Google offered, and am excited to know about!

Please take the time to fill out my short survey below on your experience with technology in the classroom. Thanks!  Stay tuned for the results that will be posted soon!



2 thoughts on “Tech Task #2

  1. I agree with the surveys being super cool! I had no idea about that. I’m glad we are learning about google! We even used google drive the other day for a group project and WOW!! I loved it! The three of us could all collaborate online to type our summary and we didn’t even have to plan time to get together. We could do it on our own time. I find that it can be really tough to meet for a group project outside of school and with google drive it makes it so easy! You can access it on your laptop, desktop computer, cell phone or even tablet (as long as you have internet!!!!)! Good work on your survey question!

  2. Hey Chelsea. I believe I completed your technology survey last week, but I just thought I would leave a quick comment about the thought of schools going paperless. At first I thought “No Way will this ever happen”, but then I began to think about how much I used technology in the classroom and how it was all paperless. The first thing that came to my mind was Grade Book. I am not sure if you are familiar with Grade Book, but it is a system where teachers can insert their assessment marks and leave comments on every single student in their class. Parents can then log in to Parent Portal to view how their student is doing in classes. This way there are zero surprises when it comes to report card time. Now the question is, do you think that having Parent Portal and Grade Book will eventually eliminate the need for paper report cards? This may help the environment, but can we expect everyone to have access to technology so they can log on and see their child’s progress? Hmmm it is a question worth considering hey. I will leave you with that thought.

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